Frequently Asked Questions

Once a dumpster is reserved and paid in full, that dumpster is taken out of inventory immediately so it is no longer available for other customers. Once a dumpster is reserved and paid in full our office staff begins to schedule the delivery and pick up times, routing of your dumpster also begins to take shape for that particular days deliveries. Once a dumpster is reserved and paid for in full, we incur credit card fees from our credit card processor. With that being said, we start to incur costs from staffing and credit card fees the minute your dumpster is reserved. Therefore, we can NOT offer any refunds once the dumpster is reserved and paid in full. There are no exceptions. If you need to move your dumpster rental dates we can accommodate at no extra charge if we have availability. Otherwise if you need to cancel your dumpster rental and we will offer a raincheck for 1 year.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to call us any time at:
(219) 299-4634

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